Sep 8, 2008


The last week or so, I've just been lazy and not doin' my bloggin'. That's not just cuz I'm 'on vacation', but also cuz Mom has been havin' headaches, so hasn't been into doin' as much bloggin' as usual on her own blog, never mind helping me woof mine. When she gets the headaches, and stiff neck what comes woof them, she likes to go lay down and sleep awhile. I understand this cuz I like layin' down and sleepin' lots too, arf arf arf. She doesn't like sounds either when she's feelin' like that. Good thing her wind chimes are hung in the living room where they're pretty but silent instead of outside in the breeze right now.

When Mom doesn't have the headaches, we've had some nice walks at the dog park this week, including yesterday. It was so nice, warm, sunny fur all us dogs and our hoomans to enjoy.

Don't worry, though, Mom is feelin' better the last couple days than she was fur awhile. Headaches are not something she gets often and she's not sure why she's gettin' them now, but there is a chance it's cuz she's shedding some fat from her body so maybe there's toxins running off leash in her body and causing her head to hurt. Just in case that's what it is, she's working at drinking more water. If they keep happenin' she'll go to her chiropractor and get him to crack her body, specially her neck, and make her better.

Well, she's got stuff she has to do today, and I go woof her every chance I get, so guess I better get us both off this computer so we can go do it. BARK!

Have a woofenderful day. Thanks fur comin' to visit... and come again soon.


Bouncer said...

it is amazing how the soothing sound of wind chimes can actually cure somebody :)

Hopefully, you are enjoying your holidays to the max. Good luck..

flea said...

LOL, hello Reba. Yeah, beans are good fur helping typing and stuff. Paws re No Good for typing. I'm glad that your mom got better.

It's refreshing to see a Rottie blog.

That's a very smashing picture of you btw.