Jan 3, 2009

Fun on the Lake

Woof Camera Critters, yur sposed to show photographs you took of critters. I hope it's okay I'm breaking the rules a bit. I didn't take these piktures, but I am in them. I am the Critter in 'em, folks. I am Reba Jane Rottenweiler. Welcome to my dog blog and my Camera Critters post.

Mom took me out today fur some fun. We didn't go to my dog park, but out onto the lake near our house. In the winter time it freezes real lots and people go out there and cut holes in the ice, then they stick stings (Mom calls them lines) through into the water and hope fishies will bite 'em and get pulled up onto the ice. Today people was driving on the lake woof their '4 wheelers' and 'dirt bikes', and later in the winter people will drive out there in cars and trucks, when the ice is frozen even thicker. Sometimes there are car races out on this lake. I hope they get good car insurance quote befur they drive out there, just in case they fall through the ice. Last winter, Mom & I drove out onto the lake just a little bit in our truck. Mom was very nervous driving on the lake, but just 'had' to do it so she could say she had, arf arf arf. Maybe we'll do it again this year and get better piktures fur you than we did last year.

Mom has to go now, so I gotta too. I'll be back real soon to finish this post. Bark!!

I'm Baaaaackkkkk. (arf, arf, arf)

Arriving we find lots of vehicles already there, some are in this pikture. You can see right out onto the lake.

Here I'm sayin' hello to some people out here skating.

Off to meet some other people who are headed into shore. They are dragging a thing behind them that they sit in to keep warm while they ice fish.

Come on, Mom. Hurry! There's even more people out here fur me to go say hi to and see what they're doin. Wanna see if they caught any of those ice fishies today.

Mom said it was too far to walk woof low boots on in deep snow, so we didn't walk out there, but Mom took piktures woof her zoom fur me. There is one of those '4 wheelers' I mentioned earlier.

These next 2 piktures are me, playin' in the snow.

Hey look what I found!! A frozen-over-again-ice-fishing-hole!

Time to head back to shore. Next time Mom better remember her mittens and hat, maybe a scarf too. (Unless yur the Lead Dog, the view never changes.)

Here I am getting close to land again... just on the edge of the lake. There's one of those 'dirt bike' things. I saw him ride in, and it sure would be fun to run woof him and see if I could out run that machine of his. It turned out he was kinda cute, so maybe I could've caught him fur Mom, arf arf arf.

Hi! Kin I have those mittens? My Mom's hands are getting cold so we gotta leave, but maybe if she had nice mittens we could stay longer and I could keep playing around.

Gee, more of those 'dirt bikes'.

Mom's calling me... gotta git into the truck and leave. Drat!

The road that leads away...


quilly said...

If the lake starts snapping and popping, you'll want to get off!

Gattina said...

You look wonderful in this white landscape ! I just can't believe that the lake is frozen that much that a car can drive on it ! We complain here that it is very cold and we only have -7°C (23) F and not even the whole day. You should wear boots !

i beati said...

super Dog sandy Will be watching for more adventures ..

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Well, you look awfully cute playing out in the snow!!
It does look pretty cold... brrrr.....
I know I would pretty nervous driving my Jeep out there on the ice no matter how thick the ice is... haha... I'm just so paranoid!
Wonderful, fun pictures!!

Bruce said...

Looks like a lot of fun but I might have to get some snow boots if I want to play with you. I'm a Florida cat & don't like the cold! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Karen said...

Your Mum took some nice photos and I love your commentary :-)

Perhaps next time, you could fetch Mum her gloves, scarf and hat ... then you could stay longer. Just a suggestion :-)

Norm said...

oh my gosh! what a wonderful place and the weather was cold lots of snow but the dog enjoyed so much...

Misty Dawn said...

Great post Reba! I would love to go out there and play with you! Don't worry, I'd remember to dress warm, so I wouldn't have to cut your play time short.

clairesgarden said...

the kitties wouldn't go out if it was snowing, they are expressing an interest in the fish.....looks good to go out and play on the lake, good girl Reba!!

Amanda said...

These shots made my day! We recently lost our Rotti to a stroke she was only seven and I miss her terribly.
Looking at these shots was wonderful!