Jan 3, 2009

My Daily Whine!

Tonight I waited in the truck while Mom was at the Centre doing her volunteer work. It sure takes a long time sometimes, but I loves going woof Mom so have to put up woof stuff like waiting sometimes. It would be kinda nice to have a coat or a sweater to wear... but I really don't like wearing them, so go figure. Arf, arf, arf. After the Centre, Mom almost furgot to go to the grocery store, but then remembered and got food and stuff like that fur herself and to take to the Centre fur the pot luck lunch tomorrow. No food fur me!! She said that's cuz there's already lots of food fur me at home, and she needed groceries cuz she's gonna work at eating more healthy than befur. When we got home Mom drove up and down our hill several times befur she parked the truck. She's trying to pack down some of the snow that's been getting deeper and deeper, and she's having a hard time driving up our hill, even in our truck woof 4 wheel drive and good tires. The snow usually packs down real good, but this year it's not packing too good, and it's icy under the snow so the truck deeps wanting to slide down the hill sideways. Silly truck. Then Mom carried all the groceries, the computer, her purse and camera bag, the plants she bought, all that into the house. Then put clothes into that big white machine what makes 'em all clean fur Mom to wear (don't know what that's all about. I think Mom should roll in something nice and smelly.) Mom had told Willy Billy, her friend she was talking to on the computer while at the Centre, that she'd look fur him and talk more when she got home... and she totally furgot to do that. I think Mom needs a memory upgrade. She furgets a lot of stuff.


quilly said...

Reba, what good will more memory do your mom if she already isn't using the memory she's got?

Tootie said...

Reba, you're crackin' me up! :-)

Yur Mom would probably do better if you'd get her sum people treats.