Jan 19, 2009

Dog Tales

Today Mom 'Bean took me woof her in the truck. She planned to take me fur a walk at the dog park again by about 3:30pm. I waited fur her and she came out around 12:30. We drove a few blocks to Tim Horton's where she got herself some food to eat fur lunch, then went to where she could let me out fur a pee. Wheeew... the sure felt good! Then we went back to The Centre and she went back in again. Apparently she had a board meeting, and there was a class before the meeting, so she took the class and did the meeting. Woof all that, it was well after 4pm by the time she got out of there and it was getting dark already. She texted Wendy to let her know she was finally free, Wendy & Shadow were going to meet us at the dog park. Wendy texted back that she had company so couldn't go walking woof us. So instead, Mom went to WalMart to get passport piktures taken of her... and to the dollar store to get felt things fur under furniture on our nice new laminate floors. Then we came home. I was sad we didn't get to go to the park, but nuffing I can do about that.

Mom & Wendy, & Cyndy all have been noticing I've lost lots of weight. I think I look good, but Mom & Wendy think I'm a bit too thin now and don't know why I'm loosing weight. They want to be sure I'm not sick or something. Mom always free feeds me so I have lots to eat, but I just haven't felt so much like eating lately. I don't know why, I'm not taking Anoretix or anything like that, just not feeling so much like eating my dog food lately. I would love to eat Mom's hooman food tho, if she'd let me have more of it. Mom got me some dewormer meds, just in case, so this is day 2 of her giving me special raw meet balls woof my pills in 'em. Arf, arf, arf. I loves my raw meet and it's been awhile since Mom has given me any. She promises that if/when we gets rich she will feed me a 100% raw diet. I'd like that, and it would be good fur my health too.

Have yurself a WOOFENDERFUL day!!!

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Hélène Amour said...

Hello Reba

The foto of the blog are really nice and beautiful.
You are a nice dog and u look really clever.

I kiss u