Jan 16, 2009

Feetsaball at the Dog Park.

Today Mom & I met our friends Wendy & Steel up at the dog park. We started out walking up one side, then walked along the back end til we got to the far back corner (we are blessed to have a big dog park) where we found some dogs playin' feetsaball. The had a man throwing the feetsaball fur them and they'd run after it. Steel really liked that idea, so joined right in. I never rand after the ball as much as some of the others, like Steel and Max. Those two boys was crazy fur that ball. You can click on the piktures to make 'em bigger so you kin see 'em better if you like. Yup, these iz real dogs, not just cardboard displays lookin' like dogs.

Max, the "yeller dawg" is out in front here. The feetsaball is out in the snow.

Feetsaball's in the air and they're off!!

Max has the ball and Steel wants it. Some of us are just watchin' to see what happens here.
We're all moving so fast that we're a bit blurry to the hooman eye, but you get the idea.
Steel has the feetsaball, Max wants it back.
This is me on my Petting Break.
WoooHooo... the game is on again!! and Steel's got the feetsaball.
It's a Tug-O-War between Max & Steel!! Here's me nipping at Max. I don't know the name of the other dog watchin' in this pikture. We didn't have time fur exchanging names in the middle of a Feetsaball game.

Here we was all pretty sure Steel was about to loose the Tug-O-War cuz Max had a mouth full of the ball and Steel just had a wee bit of the end of it.
Yet somehow the game went on...
... and on.
We were all pretty excited, lots of barking and hoomans laughing and talking. We don't know how he managed to do it, but in the end, Steel ran away woof the feetsaball... the winner.
If you look close, you'll see the feetsaball in the air in this pikture, and everyone, specially Steel and Max are after it again. We would'a played like this all day but Wendy got a phone call and had to leave, so Mom & I went too.

A good time was had by all, dogs and hoomans alike. Tonight, Mom is in bed early woof a sore back and I'm in bed early cuz I'z tired. Good thing we have a laptop woof wireless internet so we can blog in bed. Arf, arf, arf.


ChrissyM said...

What fun! My yellow lab Buddy loves the snow. He can be seen at my blog http://theworldthroughchrissyslens.blogspot.com

Fantastic photos!!! Can tell you have some very spoiled critters at your house :)

storyteller said...

Molly thinks this looks like a LOT of phun ... but she wonders what all that white stuph on the ground is? It's challenging to explain SNOW to a Lab who lives at the beach in Southern California.
Hugs and blessings,

Babooshka said...

Reba Jane unusual name. Looks like you had a lotta fun.

quilly said...

Exercise almost always ensures a good rest!

Pedi Paws said...

Ok, first of all, I had never heard of a Feetsaball before I read this post. So, I went to Google and looked it up and found...nothing. I thought maybe it was some new product I could play with my dog.

Secondly, WOW! What fun your pups must have had! Thanks for the great photos. There is nothing quite like dogs in snow.

Finally, I absolutely love how you worked in the phrase 'cardboard cutouts'. Nicely done.