Jan 10, 2009

Home Security

In this day and age, we are unfortunately finding more and more, the need to have home security. With the drug and alcohol abuse, the poor economy, and whatever other reasons, the news is always full of stories about home invasions, breaking and entries, and other robberies. I am grateful that I have not experienced any of this first hand, and I believe that Reba has a lot to do with that. However, not everyone can have a rottweiler in their home, so in this kind of situation, they must look at other options. This evening I read about a pretty good sounding system that is reasonably priced to buy and install, and it protects your home, 24/7. If I didn't have Reba in my life I would be looking further into purchasing something along these lines, and if things get any worse, I will anyways so Reba won't be the only security system I have.

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