Jan 12, 2009

Random Barks

- Mom messed up last night cuz she was so tired, arf, arf, arf. She posted her weather report on MY blog instead of hers, so had to do it on hers too, and furgot to take it off mine.
- We think the temperatures here right now are pretty warm, at least compared to what we had a couple weeks ago. Summer time is too hot fur Mom & me, so we likes cooler weather.
- Mom got rid of our carpet in the living room and is getting laminate floors in. I think I'm going to have to learn to walk different cuz now I slip and slide when I go to run and bounce around inside the house.
- The new dog I told you about, Arf, lives on Mom's bed and I'm not allowed to play woof it, cuz Mom thinks I might rip it up in to little bits and rip its guts out, like I did woof her froggy slippers. Whoof!!
- If I went to the USA woof Mom when she goes this summer, would I need to get a immigration attorney, so I can have travel papers? Would I need a passport like Mom has to get?
- I must've been having a real good sleep last night cuz sometime during the night Mewsic sneeked past me to get to Mom's bed and sleep up on a pillow there. I'll have to find a way to stay awake all night.
- Mom put medicines in my ears today cuz they been itching me and she said I gots mites in 'em both. I had mites before too. Mom's had other dogs before me, but none of 'em ever had ear mites. I wonder why I get the ugly things.

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Gattina said...

I was wondering already why you suddenly became a weatherdog ! Here too cats and dogs have to have a passport to go to the UK and a knob in the ear with the owners name and address !