Apr 27, 2011


Well it's been an interesting day today. Among other things, I went to my Dr. appointment and the cel died just as I was going in. (Was only down 1 bar dang battery not good, only a month old). After the appointment I go to leave and the building decided to take me hostage!! Yup, going down 1 floor in elevator and it suddenly stops and nothing happens when I push any buttons. I said to myself "Self, I think we're stuck in the elevator" or something sort of like that. ;o) Thankfully the "Help" button worked and I got to talk to a guy and tell him what was happening and what city I was in, but not the address b'cuz I don't know it. I also told him my Dr.'s name and said to call there and get the address. Anyway, it took awhile but finally 2 repair guys turned up and broke me out of there. First time anything like that ever happened to me. After that I went and did a few hours volunteer work and am now home relaxing with a cat on my chest.

I'm not really sure how long it was... seemed like a long time but could only have been 30 - 45 minutes. Hey, could have been worse, there could have been some weird, smelly, freaky person in there with me. Haha. I sat down and read some ...of what I had been given (info on cholesterol) and then did some meditation, relaxation stuff. I have a mild issue with claustrophobia, but thankfully it didn't rear its ugly head today.

Thanks everyone!! I'm just really grateful this didn't happen to me a couple months ago, before I started 'doing the work' for the PTSD. I was so stressed out and coming apart at the seams that I might well have flipped right out. I was wondering why this happened to me, even when I was sitting there on the floor of the elevator I was wondering (I believe there is always a reason things happen, always something we are to learn) and finally I see what it well may be about. Maybe it's to show me just how far I've come in my healing, how I have returned to my 'pre-trauma' calm self. That makes it something to be grateful for.

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