Aug 11, 2010

Brynx is a Dad

Break out the cigars, Brynx is a first time dad.  My friend Wendy's beautiful German Shepard dog, Brynx, is just over 1 year old now and has fathered his first litter of pups.  The mother is a Huskey with some wolf in her.  She's from the Balto line of dogs.  I haven't seen the pups yet, but Wendy said they're really cute and that Brynx seems to know they are his.  I would like to see these.  I am not really big on German Shepards, but some are nice.  Brynx is called a 'flat back' as he's not got the low rump of the AKC Shepard.  I like these much better and feel that the AKC has ruined the breed by going with such a low back end on them. 

Last night when I went to a BBQ party I knew there would be a dog there, so I took a bunch of dog cookies that Reba left behind.  I gave lots of them to Daisy.  Hey, we were all eating, she should be too, and not people food.

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