Aug 11, 2010

Some things I've seen on the internet lately

Here are some things I've seen on the internet lately that I found interesting:

- Canadian Living Magazine
- several really yummy sounding Hummus recipes.  I really have to try making some one of these days as I love eating it.
- Tahini recipes.  They go with the Hummus.
- inogen oxygen concentrators.  Mom uses oxygen daily and it would be nice to get her a small concentrator that doesn't make lots of noise.
- BC Classic Motorcycle Club forum
- Best Health magazine.  Lots of pointers on how to eat better and stuff like that.
- different sites about the Alaskan Malamute dog.  It sounds like I have a good chance to get one of these awesome dogs, though not sure if I can give it all the exercise and grooming it needs.  Since it's a $1000 registered, neutered dog that I could get for free I hate to pass it up. 

Alice the human.

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