Mar 24, 2008


Hi everyone. You should see what my Mom `Bean is going to do fur me. A few years ago, she built a chicken run up on the hill above my dog run, then she never quite finished it cuz she decided it wasn`t gonna be good fur them chickies. You see, the hawks were getting the chickens right out of the yard, or at least that`s what we think was happening to them cuz those bird brains were disappearing into thin air, so to put them up onto the hill would be like inviting the birds of prey to come dine here. Last fall Mom gave the last of the chickens away to new home for their own protection, arf, arf. So, now with a few changes it will work good fur me fur a bigger run... and those birds of prey better pray they don`t come too close to me. The run I have now will be make smaller, and steps put in to get me up the concrete retaining wall, and boy will I ever get exercise climbing up and down that steep hill, but wow I`ll have a great view of everything from up there. I`ll see way more than I can see from where my run is now.


After Easter dinner and the solid chocolate Easter bunny my Mom ate, she might just have to check out what might be the best diet pills, especially since eating like this is not an isolated incident. But don`t tell her I told you.


Abbey said...

Reba you are a lucky dog...the run sounds brilliant!

Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Arf, it sure should be good... if it ever gets finished. Mom's real busy right now and can't do no work on it. Also, when she has more time what gets done depends on her back. Diggin' fence post holes and all that stuff is something she did before, but not sure she can now. But tell her that, ya right. "Bull" headed.