Mar 4, 2008

Life Stuff

Hi. This evening I was reading Mom's email she sent to a friend. You'd be surprised what you can find in the Sent folder. Oh, it's not that we're snooping, it's that it's our job to know what's up woof our Mom in order to protect her and to keep her happy. So, I thought you might like to read what she wrote about us.

I'm rather concerned about my cat Shadow who will be 17 on April 28 this year. He has taken to not eating as of late. All his life he has 'had' to have his milk every night before bed, and this winter he suddenly stopped drinking it. He would still yowl and demand it, but then leave it in the bowl after a sniff. I started giving him raw meat and he loved it for a time, then stopped eating that too. I usually don't buy canned cat food, don't believe in feeding it, but I even broke down and bought him a can of that. The first night he woofed it down, then after that refused to eat any more of it. Through all this he always still ate his crunchies, now I've noticed the last few days that the crunchie level in the bowl does not seem to be going down. I think he is not eating those any more too. He is still drinking water, thank God. Today, before I left for town, I opened a can of salmon and gave his some juice and meat from that, desperate to do whatever it takes to get my 'man' to eat. This evening I was happy to see all that gone, tho there hadn't been a lot in that bowl. I just gave him a bunch more and he is eating it. He's so skinny. I'm going to have to find a way to get him to a vet I guess. It's just so pricey to do so here now. Almost $60 just for the exam, then add a bunch more if they find anything to be done. I called to day and asked how much to get my dog vaccinated... because she hasn't had any shots since she was a puppy and is now 9 years of age, I have to get 3 right away, for parvo and such... add to that the one for kennel cough and one for rabies and I'm looking at $239.53. After that $96.92 for each of the next 2 years and $127.79 the next year (rabies only have to be given every 3rd year). Now I remember why I don't give my animals shots. At one time I always kept the shots up to date.... several animals later, I've never had a health problem with not getting their shots done. My animals live long lives unless hit by cars on this highway. A friend is talking about maybe taking me to Mexico next winter, and if that was to happen, Reba would be going along too, so would have to have shots for that. And now, perhaps I am babbling... that is pretty much a sign that it is past my bed time, haha.

I guess I better find a way to help pay fur my vaccinations and maybe if I chase Shadow some more he'll get hungry and eat more, or he'll have to go to the critter doctor. He is so skinny lately that he's like a skeleton woof fur pulled over it. I know Mom will come unglued when her furry little man goes on to the Rainbow Bridge. She used to pet him before he was even born, then when his birth mother had him and his brothers, she refused to let them out until Mom was there woof her. Moonbeam, Shadow's birth Mom, was before my time here. I know Mom loved her lots too, and loosing her to the highway was very hard on Mom. But enough of that... it's time fur a good, long nap.


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Riley & Tiki said...

Sometimes baby food (chicken, turkey, beef - no onion) helps with appetite. Hopefully the vet can help. Purrrs.

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I was going to get him some baby food, then decided he needed to go to the vet. It's a good thing I did so, as you will read in the above post.