Nov 12, 2008

Peaceful Parrot?

Day 12

Here are some piktures of DW, Mom's parrot. This is her new "Play Land" Mom made fur her to keep her out of trouble so have more peace around here. She gets up onto that piece of wood and chews it all up, ripping chunks out of the branch. She sure works hard on that, but then she flys over to the chinchilla cages on the other side of the room to cause trouble over there sometimes. Earlier today she was having a bit of a fight woof one of the chinchillas through the wires of the cage. Mom heard either Daisy or Sheri spitting, that's the closest I can come to describing that chinchilla sound, so she looked over and there was DW on the cage side and Mom saw a chin move away, but couldn't tell which one and there are 2 living in that cage.

Please... pray fur peace!!
We need it.


Anonymous said...

That nice parrot! it is seen that it feels very good in this place, a hug

Anonymous said...

Maybe you ought to take that parrot to church with you.