Nov 11, 2008

Peace... finally

There is more peace in our home again now. Thanks to Quilly and her OC fur giving me some info on parrots to pass on to Mom. She had already done most of what was suggested, but it sure was nice fur her to hear that she was on the right path to peace woof the silly parrot. Mom hung a big piece of wood above DW's cage, and hung some 'toys' on it, rope, parrot toy, leather stip... and she moved the cage out several inches from the wall. Also attached a chop stick to the side of the cage. DW has been very busy chewing on the wood. Mom found another small piece of wood today and put it through bars in the cage so it sticks out fur DW to sit on and chew at too. Mom figures that maybe being bad was cuz of being bored, so is trying to give her stuff to do that will take her lil bird brain off the wall paper and mirror frame that she likes to chew on. Early this evening DW did fly over to the chinchilla cages and hung out there fur awhile, then when Mom went to get her she wasn't happy and flew off into the kitchen, but then she let Mom catch her. She sat on Mom's arm for the walk back to the cage and she got a peanut fur a treat fur being a good bird. Ya right, Whoof! some good bird.

It sure is nice to have peace in our home again, and no more 'earth quakes' that cause DW's cage to shake a bunch every time she chews on the mirror or wall.

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