Mar 28, 2011


I currently Hewlett Packard Pavilion and acer aspire laptops.  Each of these 2 computers has things I like and things I would change. I must admit that, over all, the one I paid the least for, the Acer Aspire, has been the better of the two.  However, the last while I am almost constantly getting a message that the CPU is being over worked and the computer is just so very slow way too often.  I guess this has to do with the fact that computers are out dated before they reach the store shelves to be sold to us. Add to this the fact that the programs we use are always being updated and needing more power to run than they did before, and I guess it causes this kind of problems. I would love to buy a nice new laptop, one with a really really big CPU and equally big Hard Drive & RAM, a computer that would last me for several years without problems.  Yup, that would be great.

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