May 13, 2012

Trike Make Over

The building of a trike can take a long time and be very tiring. Even just a make over on an existing trike can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. My buddy, Phil, is doing most of the work, much of it before I even get there each day, yet each day I go up there to spend time helping with the work and/or keep him company. He is doing such an incredible job of making my trike look better and I am so happy with it so far. Today he painted the base coat, Cosmic Dust, onto all the parts... gas tank, 2 fenders, 2 side covers, and 4 brackets for the fenders.  Tomorrow he will put on the Lazer Blue Candy, 2 coats, and then about 3 coats of clear on all but those 4 brackets which will just get the clear coats now. Phil is really good at working with metals, creating pretty bits, and although he is not a professional painter, he does a good job at it.  It was a beautiful, sunny day today, very warm, so was a good day to start the painting out in Phil's shop, and the nice weather will continue long enough to properly dry the paint without a paint booth in which to bake it.  I will post photos when I can.

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