Oct 7, 2011

Fall Jobs

I've been working as much as possible over the last few days, getting read for winter. There is just so much to be done before the weather turns colder and my low back hurts so much that I'm having a real challenge with doing the work. Having deteriorated discs and arthritis is not fun... no, really, it's not fun. Anyway, I've managed to make some plum jam and pick enough plums to make another batch and even have some on the stove right now, cooking down so I can put them through the sieve to remove the pits. These are small plums so the pits either have to be removed this way or by using a cherry pitter tool to push the pits out. Yes, these plums are about the same size as cherries. I did a bunch of dishes and cleaned out the sink tht has been heaped with 'stuff' for months. This place is such a mess and I so need to get it cleaned up.... and I hurt... and I am overwhelmed. I need to be looking for a new vehicle as my old truck is getting... well.... old. He's rusty and has fairly high miles so needs to be replace. I don't want to have to install/uninstall snow tire chains every time I enter/leave my driveway, so will for sure be needing a 4 wheel drive. I'm looking at getting a nice truck. When I take breaks from working to rest my back and hopefully reduce the pain, I do some searching on the 'net for my "right and perfect" truck.

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