Oct 7, 2011

More about Fall Jobs

In the next couple days I have to clear out a room in my home that I've been working on for some time now and just need to do the last bits. I need to sort/bag all cans and bottles to take to the depot and sell. I need to clean a LOT of stuff out of the carport to make room for my trike to be put away for the winter, and for pellets to be stored so they can be used for heating my home. I have a lot of yard work to do as well, tho I know the chances of me getting that done are slim. The plums are nearly done. There are still loads of them in the trees, but with all the rain we've been having the plums have been splitting, so my jam plans are falling apart in front of my eyes. I want to make a lot so I can give a bunch away as Christmas gifts and have a good amount left for my own use. I also wanted to put plums in the freezer to use during the winter months. I guess I'll have to do what I can for now and do more next year.

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