Oct 18, 2011


On Facebook, I asked my friends:

Which way do you think my nick name looks better?? This is for putting onto my "nick patch" on my vest, for writing stuff, maybe even for painting on my trick or truck!!

The choices were:
- GypsyGirl
- Gypsygirl
- Gypsy Girl

So far there are 2 votes for GypsyGirl and 1 vote for Gypsy Girl. The latter is from a woman who IS a Gypsy, or at least a member of a Romani tribe, so it kind of means a bit more than the first 2 votes... sigh. I do seem to have the spirit of a Gypsy. I am the free and fun type person who can't stand people trying to control me. I love to have a good time, I love to be out and about, not sitting at home... well, for the most part anyway, though there are days when I do just want to stay home alone. Anyway....

Now I have a question for you. Which type of computer do you prefer??
- Acer laptop?
- hp desktops?
- Dell laptop?
- Mac desktop?

Leave your answer in the comments!

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