Nov 5, 2011


Yesterday I spent time with 2 different gal friends, then went to visit my Mom. They all live in a small town about 25 minutes north of where I am, so it's good to spend a whole day there and see different people. After Mom & I went for a drive and ate dinner out, we went back to her place to relax and play Tri Onimos, a game we both enjoy. While I was there, my great nephew Dustin phoned and after talking to Mom for awhile he and I had a nice phone visit. Dustin has just started a new job and was saying that this is currently a part time job and that he has also been offered a full time job at another company in another town. He has been putting resumes in at many different places in hopes of getting employment. We talked about the pros and cons of each of the jobs and how he can make the decision as to what he can do. We also talked about joining the military and I told him that if I was young again I would seriously consider joining the military so I could learn to fly a helicopter. I think it would be awesome to be a chopper pilot. It I had done that when I was young, I now would be retired with full military benefits and be working for a private company bringing in the big bucks. Another thing I would seriously consider if I had it all to do over again would be Veterinary Services Jobs. I love animals so think that working with them and helping them to be healthy would be a good career for me. I have lots of pets and often have wished I knew more thank I do about animal health care.

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