Nov 24, 2011

One of Life's Concerns

A dear friend of mine has recently ended up going off work and onto disability. For now it's 'short term disability' though will likely become 'long term' as the problem will not likely be resolved by end of January. He has 4 bulging discs in his low back and thought that was why his legs, especially the left leg, has become very weak and his feet partially numb. However, when he saw a surgeon in September, he was told that the bulging discs are not the cause of the leg problems and he was referred to a neurologist. He was put on a long waiting list, then got really lucky when there was a cancellation and he was the only one available so got in in just a few weeks. The neurologist wants an MRI done, but there are several things my friend needs done before he can have an MRI because in summer of 1985 he was shot. He was standing outside a night club talking to a friend of his and they were both shot by some crazy guy with a shot gun that peppered both men with a lot of pellets. Luckily, they both survived, though still have a lot of pellets in their bodies. My friend has at least 2 pellets in his head and over 20 more in his right arm and leg. The doctors need to know where the pellets are and if they will be moved to vital organs with the magnetic pull of the MRI before they can proceed. My friend may need surgery to remove pellets before the MRI can be done, then once the cause of his leg problems is found he may have to have spinal laser surgery. With each test done he lets me know what is happening and what's up next as we wait to find out whether or not he will ever improve or just continue to deteriorate. Wish him luck!!

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