Nov 12, 2011

It's November 12!!

Today is November 12, 2o11 and with several Christmas ads already on TV, I have been thinking about gifts for people I care about.

I think I will be baking cookies to give to Phil... and to Ray, 2 friends of mine. Maybe I'll even give some cookies to another friend, Dan, though any time he's visiting if I offer him anything to eat he always refuses it. He loves candy so I could buy him a big bag of it, even though he is well able to buy them himself and always does. I think earrings for Joyce... not sure what I'll give to Cat as she's a new friend and I'm not yet sure what she'd like. Also there's Pat, Pauline and DJ to think about.

As for family... I gave a gift of homemade jam and Christmas motif Jam Knives all in a basket to my sister Marcy & husband Randy in October before they left to Arizona for the winter. My brother Terry & wife Alana will be up for a few days. I'm thinking of getting them some kind of dragonfly as when I was in their home in October I noticed a couple dragonfly ornaments, so I know they like this sort of thing. For Mom it's not easy to know what to give. Since she's 88 years of age, buying for her is a challenge... I guess since she's a great grandmother, it's sort of like needing grandma gift ideas, LOL. I bought Mom a nice rose broach that came with a story of the Christmas Rose. I think she'll really like that. I am thinking too that I will donate some money to the Food Bank in Mom's name and give her a copy of the receipt in a card. I've been thinking I could give one of my spinning wheels to my niece Rebecca as she just moved back to this area and into a new home. I know her mother spins, so think Becky might enjoy being able to spin too, or at least enjoy this beautiful, hand made traditional style spinning wheel as a decoration in her home. I'm not sure how many other family members will be around for Christmas. Apparently, Terry & his family will all be spending it at Alana's family's cabin in the woods. Mom doesn't want to go there as she feels it would be too hard on her to go on a rough road, even in my 4x4 and even though it's just a very short distance off the main road, so probably it will just be her and I for actual Christmas day since I can't go knowing Mom would be home alone on such a day. Someday all too soon I will be alone on Christmas day, for now I will enjoy each time I get to spend it with Mom before she 'moves on'.

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