Jan 31, 2012

Grateful for Good Friends

For the last 3 or 4 days now I've been having some difficulty with my breathing and as a result I go into coughing spasms and sometimes even cough up phlegm with blood in it. On Sunday I went to town to one of the walk-in clinics and saw a doctor there. He pulled out his stethoscope and requested I take some deep breaths. Ya right! Well, I gave it a try and ended up coughing uncontrollably again, and hacked up some more blood & phlegm. Ahhh, evidence to show the doctor... not that he really looked at it, though maybe a tiny glimpse. He prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and a chest x-ray. He said it's pneumonia, though on the x-ray requisition when I went for the x-ray yesterday, I noticed it said bronchitis, so who knows. Maybe I'll find out more when I go for the x-ray results in a couple days. Anyway, so here I sit sick.

I am very blessed to have good friends and I am very grateful for them. Yesterday I called for an appointment at the x-ray place and was told it would be Thursday, though if I wanted I could go in without the appointment and just sit and wait until I got in, however long that would take. I decided to do that. At first I planned to go in a couple hours, then decided to put it off "until tomorrow". Then Phil phoned to see how I was doing. After I told him he said I should just go and get it done, not put it off, and he volunteered to meet me there to keep me company while I waited. I really thought that was nice of him. I have always gone to things like this all alone and just sat there with a book to read. I've always done pretty much everything on my own. It was nice to have a friend keep me company. Later in the day, when I got home, my other friend Ray come out and packed in 6 bags of pellets, each 40#, for my stove. I had brought them home in my truck a few days earlier, then got sick. I did pack 2 bags in myself and was very grateful to Ray for being so thoughtful as to come by and pack the rest in. Now I have a stack beside my stove so I can feed them into the hopper and keep a warm fire going.

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