Jan 25, 2012

My Health Journal

To help me with my weight loss plans as well as with getting my cholesterol levels down and monitoring my blood glucose levels, I decided to start a "Health Journal". Starting January 1st of this year, I have been writing down everything I eat each day, how much water I drink, what exercise I get, what the results are to my daily blood glucose test. I also write about things that make me sad or things that make me happy as they both affect my health. I sometimes write goals for the next day. I write all of this in different ink colors: red = blood glucose reading; green = exercise; blue = water as well as weight/TOPS; black = food I eat and all other things. If I have an acid reflux attack I write it in black, then color it over with a red pencil crayon.

Yesterday I bought some new pens so I will have more colors to work with: pink, turquoise, purple. Today I found some other pens of various different colors that I had already bought some time ago and had in the house... and had forgotten about them. I want/need to clean up my home. It has gotten so far out of control and I am having a very hard time cleaning it up. Today I did some sorting of 'stuff' and will write in my Health Journal about what I accomplished and how it makes me feel. I will write it in the turquoise so it's bright and pretty and I can see at a quick glance where I have achieved something good and positive in this area.

I plan on this Journal being a very important tool in making positive changes in my life and in my health.

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