Jun 5, 2007


You may notice that there is a lot of green on this blog... yup, everything seems to be green here. That fits my thoughts on life. I'm GREEN! No, no, silly... not like that. I'm black and brown, like all real Rotweilers. What I mean is I believe in the Green Movement! No, no... not that kind of movement. Those should never be green and if they are talk to your human and get them to drive you to the vet.

Okay, we'll try this again. I think everyone should use as little as possible, and that they should Re-use, Re-duce and Re-cycle everything they can. Biodegradable stuff is good, you know, it rots rite into the ground and even furtilizes the earth.

We'll talk more about this another time. See ya.



darkfoam said...

what a beautiful rottie you are!
yes, amen to reusing, recylcing, reducing waste and composting...

oh, does dog poop make good compost?
my dog won't tell me. she's kind of a silly girl..

Reba said...

Awww shucks, heehee, thank you. I try to stay healthy so I will stay pretty.

Geee, I'm glad you asked that question. I'm currently doing LAB tests in the basement of my dog house and will post the results when I have them.

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me

here is a doggie treat for your wisdom.