Jun 13, 2007

Thanks... and a Question.

Thanks for comin' to visit my blggy and Woofless Wednesday (nest post down). I got a question for you:

How do you make your pikture show up when you send other peoples a message?

If ya don't understan what I means, go look at the woofs peoples left me... some has piktures and some doesn't... I doesn't. How do you do that?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... go to your dashboard and then click edit your profile - somewhere there should be a spot where you can upload a picture.

At least I think so. :-)

darkfoam said...

okay, let's see..

post your picture onto your blog.
after you have that picture on your blog click on the 'edit html' in the upper right hand corner. copy the jpg file. copy it unto the profile section of your blog where it says photograph. save it...
it will tell you if you've made a mistake....trust me.

you can also go to blogger help. that's how i learned how to do it.

Reba said...

WOOF, woof... Thanks Foam. Now I gots my pikture up there. I'll tell Mom how so she can have hers up too.

Mo and The Purries said...

Reba - cool to see your picture in your comments!
Glad some nice beans could help you!