Nov 18, 2012

"Itis" Issues

In January 2012, I got bronchitis for the first time in a very long time. It's been more than 15 years since I last had a cold or flu so I was very surprised to suddenly be sick and diagnosed with bronchitis. I took antibiotics and in a short time I was well again.

Summer rolled around and all was great, then one night riding my trike home I noticed I had a bit or a sore throat.  I didn't worry about it, figuring it would be gone by morning.  The next morning it was way worse and my voice was barely working so I had to cancel plans to ride with the Lone Wolves as it was to be a very long ride that day.  As the day progressed I decided to go to the 'walk-in' medical clinic and have it checked out.  I was told I had viral laryngitis and that it would go away on its own in 2 to 3 days.  Over the next couple days I got feeling worse and went back to the 'walk-in' clinic. This time I was told I had also developed sinusitis and though I insisted I also had bronchitis, the doctor said there was nothing in my chest, the phlegm I was coughing up was from the sinuses draining down my throat. He said I would get better without drugs, that I didn't need antibiotics.  While it was wonderful to see a doctor who was not trying to push drugs on me for any little thing, in this case I felt I did need antibiotics since I knew he was wrong with the diagnosis.  The next day I got into see my own doctor. It usually takes nearly a week to get in so is the reason I often go to the 'walk-in' instead. This time I was pleasantly surprised and was fit in the same day. I was diagnosed with sinusitis AND bronchitis, by this time the laryngitis was mostly gone and no longer an issue.  I was sent for chest x-rays and given very strong antibiotics. About a week later I was phoned and asked to come in for a follow up visit, I did and he found I still had the rattle in my chest so I was given another go around of drugs and sent for a second chest x-ray.  In time I did recover.

Here it is November and once again I have sinusitis and laryngitis!!!  I've been home sick for several days now and on antibiotics for 2 or 3 days now as well as rinsing out my sinuses regularly with a Neti pot.  For some reason this time is taking a lot more out of me as far as strength goes.  I feel much more weakened by it than before.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact I've been staying home rather than continuing to be out and about while sick. 

It has been challenging to breath, feeling like I have a heavy weight on my chest and I go into nasty fits of coughing and usually hack up big gobs of phlegm.  The other 2 times, there were flecks of blood in the phlegm, though this time there has been very little of that. There has  been lots of blood in the phlegm/mucus from my nose, though. Thankfully this is showing signs of improvement.

Well, it's way past time for me to go rinse out my sinuses again, feed/water animals, and be off to bed.

Wishing you all good health!!

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