Nov 22, 2012

Mewsic & Daisy Rock

When I feel down, or when I want to get extra house work done,  I find it helps a lot to crank up the stereo and listen to some good music.  Usually something fast, like Country Rock or Classic Rock is what I love to listen to and to 'bop' to.  I also like to play with my animals to give my mood that little extra 'up'.  Music and animals both always add to my day in so many ways.  I named my cat Mewsic, a reflection on my enjoyment of listening to and singing along with good tunes, as well as that I love the sound of the mews and purrs she makes.... "My cat's purrs are Mewsic to my ears!!"   One of my Chinchillas is named Daisy and I like to sometimes call her Daisy Rock!  She is a real solid in my life and she is so cute and loving .  This little creature really "rocks" in my opinion.   Okay, so maybe I have a strange sense of humor, but I think that also adds joy to my life.  Laughter is so healing as is Love of animals and humans.

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