Dec 14, 2012

Christmas Gift List

I know most people by now have already bought their gifts for Christmas giving, some even have them all wrapped and hidden away, while others, like myself, have barely begun to even think about this topic. Who should I buy for this year? Which siblings are going to be home for Christmas and which of their children will join the family gathering?  This all plays a part in the decisions to be made by me at this time of year.  I always, of course, buy for Mom!  This year it has been especially difficult for me to know what to get for her, though.  It's not like she will use Ski Gear or any other type of sports gear, not even dishes or small appliances like mixers or blenders, etc.  She is now 89 years of age so has everything she needs or wants and if she needs or wants anything else she is in a much better position to buy it than I am. The other day when I was visiting her, she did mention that she was having problems with the mouse on her computer and that someone had said to check the batteries, they might need replacing.  It's a corded mouse so has no batteries.  I told her it was worn out and I'd pick her up a new one.  I so wanted to wait until Christmas to give it to her, but she needs it now.  When I went to visit her yesterday I did give her a new corded mouse and told her "Merry Christmas".  She had also mentioned that she doesn't have a water bottle to carry her drinking water with her, so I've picked her up a stainless steel water bottle.  Since she recently got one of the new style coffee makers, I plan to get one of the baskets that go in them so she can use her own coffee and the amount she wants rather than using the pre-measured little cup things of coffee that are sold for this type of coffee maker.  Mom finds the coffee it makes to be far too strong for her tastes and I think that using her own coffee will save her a lot of money compared to buying the pre-measured coffee things that are sold in the stores for this type of machine. 

So, now that I have Mom's gift planned out, what will I give Terry & Alana? Who else do I need to buy for?  YIKES, only 11 days to go and most of those days are fully booked already!

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