Dec 14, 2012

My Great Day

Today was very hectic at the Food Bank where I love going to do Volunteer Work.  I always feel better when I leave there than I did when I arrived.  Good people doing good work seems to lift one's spirits, I find.  With the rush on to get Christmas Hampers for the needy, there is a lot to do, and there are loads of people coming in wanting to be sure they will get their free food for the occasion.  We usually are out of there by 4:30pm, though today it was 5:00pm and we did leave some things undone to get out then.

My plans were to go to visit a friend after helping out at the Food Bank, but then I decided to come to Tim Horton's to treat myself to a relaxing cup of Pomegranate White tea and to get onto the internet  through their wifi connection... then I will go visit my friend. Since the battery on my laptop is now nearly dead, I must soon be off of here.  I think I will go to one store in the nearby mall to do a quick bit of shopping too.  I want to get a coffee filter set for Mom's coffee maker, part of her Christmas gift this year, and I want to see what they have for cd mailers as I want to send some CDs to a few friends of mine.  Then, with these things done, I can go visit my friend, ready to relax and enjoy the evening visiting with nothing on my mind except the things we want to talk about.  It is important to be 'present' with the people in our lives, and to 'live in the moment'.  So... off I go.  Enjoy your evening as I will mine.  

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