Jan 25, 2013

15/20 Principle of Cleaning

On Monday, I took the advice Charyl (a friend of mine on Facebook) shared with me, advice she'd gotten from FlyLady... set a timer and work for 15 minutes then rest for 20 minutes, work 15, rest 20.... I accomplished a fair bit here, well, compared to what I usually accomplish, I did a lot!!!! I reached a point where I knew I should stop, yet knew I couldn't.

I put a bunch of little bags of food scraps for the
compost into a big garbage can outside. I had them in the fridge and on the steps outside, too much snow to get to the compost pile so needed to come up with a better plan. I washed dishes and cleaned my kitchen to the point of where I could actually manage to cook in there!! Then I started to cook. I was going to my monthly Vegan Potluck & Health Video evening so had to get this food cooked, couldn't just say "enough for one day"... also had to stop the rest periods in order to finish things up. It was the first time I made this recipe, but it was basically easy, and it's healthy, though it turned out to be somewhat bland. Needs more spices. Needs more salt, but I don't like using much salt. I usually find that most recipes call for way too much salt, but apparently this one didn't, lol. I posted the recipe here a few days ago.

The evening was great though my back was hurting some. Tuesday I did the dishes I left from cooking as I rushed out in a big hurry, going to be late if I didn't move fast. When I got home I went straight to bed with my laptop. I mostly sat here on my Chaise Lounge, with the laptop, all day long. My back hurt too much to do much else. So, I do think the 15/20/15/20 etc. works well, I also know one can only do this for so long, especially one with FM & other physical issues. I hope to soon be back doing the 15/20/15/20 and getting this place cleaned up. I think in order to get my home organized and cleaned up to where it once was and needs to be again, I could use about three of those
conveyor things like we had on some of the jobs I've worked, only instead of bringing bottles down the line for me to pack into boxes to be shipped out, I would be putting things onto the conveyors to sort them and get them out of my way.  1 to take "Recycle" papers, cans, bottles, etc. down to a big clear or blue plastic bag... another 1 for "Donate" items to be boxed... 1 for "Sell" items.... and 1 for "Garbage".... and 1 for "Keep/Put Away"   Okay, so I need at least 5 conveyors, and since my home is not big enough for that many I guess the idea won't work.  More for doing things in a shop or warehouse.

 My second favorite household chore is ironing.  
My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.  
                                                                  ~Erma Bombeck

                                                 Nature abhors a vacuum.  And so do I. 
                                                                   ~Anne Gibbons

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it.  
~Author Unknown

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