Jan 5, 2013

My New Computer.... errrr, PHONE

For awhile now I've wanted and even needed a new cell phone.  23 months ago I took out a 36 month contract with Telus Mobility, and I got a nice new phone for free by signing that contract. Just a few months later, I accidentally ruined my phone by forgetting to take it out of a jacket pocket before washing the jacket.  It was only in the sink of water for a couple minutes before I realized what I had done and grabbed it out, but that was enough, too much even, as it was beyond saving already.  My friend Dan loaned me his old phone for around a year, then my friend Joyce's daughter Melissa gave me an old phone she no longer wanted or needed.  She couldn't find the charger for it, but it was Samsung which is what I had ruined, so I still had the charger and it worked.  After about a year or so with this phone, I was really wanting a new one.  This phone liked to unlock itself and pocket/purse dial, so made too many calls without my knowledge.  Also, even with it on top volume, I often could not hear it ringing and was beginning to have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the call talking.  No, there is nothing wrong with my ears, but the phone was on that slippery slope to 'done'.

Yesterday, I found out that it would cost me $58.31 for my 'equipment buy out' since I needed the new phone with 13 months remaining of the 3 year contract.  I was told this when I phoned the Client Care at Telus Mobility,  yet when I was at the phone store, I not only had to pay that charge, but also an 'in store' non-wavable charge on $30.  For this they show me the phone and talk me into buying it.  Oh, okay, so they also put in SIM card, or since my old phone didn't have one, she put one in, and changed my 101 Contacts over to the new phone as well as switched the memory card from old to new phone.   She tried to sell me a 'care package' for $70 instead of the $30 thing, but I said NO.  So, $91.70 (12% tax on the $30) later I have a phone worth $650.00 plus the 12% tax.  So that is, when you think of it, pretty good I guess.

Given the choice of blue or white, I chose the blue phone.

The plan I had was $46 plus taxes per month and included: 200 anytime air minutes, unlimited incoming local calls (not sure if it included long distance incoming calls), free unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 5pm, caller ID and Voice Mail.  I now have a different plan for $50 plus taxes per month: 200 anytime air minutes, 10 Favorites so I can call them or they can call me free of charge and I can change who is on my Faves List whenever I want to, evenings and weekends starting at 6pm, caller ID and Voice Mail.  I think that covers everything. The gal at Telus, who I talked to over the phone before going to the store, told me the 3 numbers I talk to most... and she figured I would get better use of this plan than I did of the other one.  I'm going to have to check and see if those are just local calls or include long distance ones too, I think it includes all within Canada.

Now.... I need to buy a screen protector and a case, 
though most cases seem to come with the screen protector..... and the big thing.....
I have to learn how to use this newfangled computer they call a phone!!

I am very grateful to have this great new phone as I need my one and only phone to be dependable.
I am grateful I had the money with which to buy this fancy new phone.
I am grateful I get to go back to the store to get 45 minutes of one on one instruction, provided by Telus Mobility to purchasers of the Iphones and Samsung Galaxy S3.

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