Jan 16, 2013

Broom!! Vroooom!

 I love this picture, it is so cute, and it has meaning for me!

While building my first trike, my trike builder one day called me a witch. He was just joking around, teasing me.  That is the day I named my trike BROOM!! I so LOVEd riding Broom, until we were hit by a car and my Broom was bent and broken, as was I. 

Once I was healed, another trike was created using a new bike and many parts from Broom.... Phoenix was born!! The mythical bird arose from the ashes of it's former self. I have so loved riding Phoenix!! I've had two very wonderful summers full of adventures while riding Phoenix, and I will miss him since I plan to sell him once my new trike is built and ready to ride.

I will soon start work on my new, much larger trike who received his name last night in a group meditation at a dear friend's home, The Ashram. He will be called MoJo.... My "high energy" MoJo will be running throughout the land!! I almost called this new trike Broom 2... but now know he's my MoJo.... my energy.... my passion!!!  I can't start work on MoJo's transformation from bike to trike yet as it is winter and I don't have a heated shop to work in.  I must wait until it is warm enough outside to do the work. Meanwhile, I have work to do in finding parts and pieces to do the job with once the weather is where I need it to be.  When all is done and MoJo is ready to hit the road, there will be an official "Naming Ceremony" for him.

I will always remember and love my first trike, my Broom, and the 2nd one, Phoenix, yet it's time to "Go Big or stay home"!! and I have no intention of staying home!!

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