Jan 12, 2013

Only Stevia for Me

As I diabetic, and a person working at weight loss and better health, I rarely use sugar and I have totally quit using any form of artificial sweeteners.  What I choose to use now for sweetening my tea or any other thing I want to sweeten, is Stevia. Not the white Stevia Powder, but the natural, unaltered, Green Stevia Powder!

I find it very odd as well as sad that Health Food Stores and Health Food sections of Grocery Stores sell the white powder and in most cases I've seen, no green Stevia.  We do have one store that sells both kinds, several choices of the white and only 1 choice of the green... imported from India!!! I don't mind things being imported from other countries if we don't have the product here in Canada, but when it's not only in our own country but our own province too!  The organic farm I get my Green Stevia from is 160.9 kilometers away.... this is 99.978625 miles, so fits perfectly in the '100 Mile Diet'!!

Yesterday I ordered another 215gr bag of Organic Green Stevia from this wonderful Organic Farm where it is grown. I also ordered a 215gr bag for my friend Joyce as she wants to start using it now too.  This is great!! They send it out right away, by mail, and if you order $150 minimum or if you recommend their products to a friend, they give you free shipping... and they always include some little extra something in the package.  Oh, I'm not saying they are the best selection of promotional products in fact, it's not really promotional products they send, they include samples of other products they have available.

In this order, I also included for myself a one month supply of Happy Caps, a mineral mixture from organic products, including Stevia.
"Your body requires minerals to escort acid out, thus increasing the alkalinity of your body. GET ALKALINE = GET WELL. Get your pH up quickly and stay healthy with Happy Caps!"

There is some controversy regarding the safety of Stevia Powder for use in humans.  I believe the naturally grown herb, the Green Stevia is not only safe, but also has many good health properties.  The white powder they are calling Stevia may not be so safe for us and I am not sure they should allow the sale or use of that product.  It is called Stevia because it is made using Stevioside which has been extracted from the herb then mixed with fillers to create the sweet white powder.  With health food stores selling this product, many people think they are doing something healthy by using it, and they are being lied to. It is a processed product, not a natural, whole food product.  I used the white powder for awhile, not knowing better, though now that I know better I use better.  

The Stevia I get comes in a zip-lock bag.  I took an old, empty spice jar I had here and filled it with some of that Green Stevia Powder so I could use it without opening the bag every time.  I also filled one for carrying with me wherever I go.

A teaspoon is too large to fit into the spice jar, and you only need such a tiny bit of the powder to sweeten a cup of tea, so I use a souvenir spoon for this purpose. The one I take with me I made into a necklace so I can wear it around my neck and always know where it is, the one I use at home sits in the cupboard beside the jar of Stevia.  This system works very well for me.

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