Jan 17, 2011


Just joking around I call my recumbent exercise bike my "diet pill that actually works".  I have been working at spending more time on it than before though I still need to spend more on it than I do.  Last night I did 45 minutes on said exercise bike and I do plan to do another 30 - 45 minutes on it tonight so this is a good thing.  Exercise helps to keep my blood sugars down, to get my cholesterol levels down, as well as to strengthen my cardiovascular system... and on top of all those great things that will help save & improve my life, exercise also burns calories so helps to get those nasty unwanted pounds off the body.  Just sitting here with my feet up and my laptop on my lap does not wear off the calories I ate today, but that exercise bike will.  I get to watch TV while I peddle off pounds.  I watched Harry's Law & House while sitting here, now with Lie To Me coming on and Hawaii 5-0 I'll have good stuff to watch for the next 2 hours, 45 minutes of which will be spent on the bike, the rest in my arm chair.

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Dave L said...

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