Jan 17, 2011

Travel Dreams

The more I think about it, the more I want to do some traveling once I receive my insurance payout for the crash I was in this past fall.  Maybe I'll check out Outer Banks vacation rentals and such like that.  I'm also thinking Central America.  It will likely, of course, be 1-2 years yet, or more, before I get the settlement, but it's nice to dream and to plan.  Today I was talking to my physio therapist about the extra pain I've been having up my arm, above where the wrist was broken.  She thinks it could be that the metal plate in my arm is irritating my tendons and if this does turn out to be the problem the metal plate will likely have to be removed.  A second surgery with a lot of healing time and more therapy.  Nope, not good.  This would set back my plans a lot as it would mean that I couldn't ride my trike by spring as planned.  I've really been looking forward to riding it again and would be disappointed if I have to wait and extra month or two or three or.... well, you get the point.  I see the Orthopedic Surgeon on Friday so will know more then.  I get new x-rays done before seeing him and once he looks at them & reads the report from the physio therapist he'll tell me what he thinks it is all about.

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George Kepler said...

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