Jan 19, 2011

Health Stuff

2.5 hours moderate to vigorous exercise per week....  that is what they just said on the TV News (Global BC) is what adults NEED to be healthy.  I didn't catch what they said kids need.  However, few people actually get the required amount.  Sad. 

45 minutes on my exercise bike x 3 evenings this week = 2.25 hours moderate exercise, with the odd spurts of more vigorous peddling... so I'm very nearly there this week.  I know I will get more yet  before the week is over.  I know too that I need more than the 2.5 hours exercise if I want to loose the excess pounds... and I do.

Due to a headache I didn't do any exercise today, unless you can count house work which I don't think quite works ;o)  It is good though that I got a fair bit of cleaning and reorganizing done in my bedroom... it's been way too long.  There is still so much to do that has to wait until my wrist is a lot more healed than what it is now, but at least I can do some of the light basics.  I've been taking some vitamins and supplements to help the bone heal and have been doing exercises and going to physio therapy to help get the use of the wrist/hand back.  A slow process but well worth the effort.

Now I must go get ready for TOPS tomorrow morning.  I am determined to get there on time, or even early this week for once, so will get everything ready tonight.  I will even make sure all the animals are fed/watered enough so I don't have to do it in the morning.

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