Jan 15, 2011

My Truck Needs a Tire

This time of year people are shopping for hockey gear, wrestling gear, and other such sport stuff for their kids during the winter sports season.  I sure am glad I don't have to worry about those kind of purchases.  It's bad enough I have to buy a new tire for my truck.  I need to replace one that was ruined when I had front end problems with the truck.  I got that fixed and still have to replace the tire.  I've had to use another wheel I had here from my truck which is an 'all season' tire and not good to run with 3 winter tires.  I have now found a used winter in this size, not an easy thing to do, so must now run to town to buy it and get it onto the truck before someone else grabs it.  So.... guess I better run now.  Will be back later folks.

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