Dec 20, 2011

Cat on the Move

My friend Cat has been looking for a small apartment or even a room that is "frbo". She recently separated from her husband and moved to a rental room in a house where she was very unhappy with the living situation, with the landlord, the other tenants and the rent going up a significant amount starting on the second month of living there... so she moved out and went to another rental room in someone else's home. Cat was so looking forward to the move, was so excited that she'd be in a good home and just a week or so after moving in she was told the house had just been sold and she would have to find another place to live. She had never even been told the place was for sale, so was very surprised and disappointed. She began to look around this area again, then found that her daughter and family were moving out of this area, so she decided to do that too. I'm not sure where her family is going, but Cat is headed to a mid size city further north of here where she has lots of biker friends. I am sad she's leaving... and wishing her the best. Wishing my friend a joyful life.

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