Dec 6, 2011

Got something accomplished here

Even though my back has been rather painful today and pain in the upper legs, I managed to get some work done in my house.... thanks to my friend Ray. I had mentioned to him one day a couple weeks ago that I wanted to move some furniture in my living room, so he came over today and we got some of it moved. I kind of wished he'd have picked a day when I had less pain, but once we got it done I sure was glad I didn't say "No, not today." I really appreciate the help, and it feels really good to have at least a small part of my home cleaner and more organized than it has been for awhile. It seems I take 2 steps forward and 3 or 4 steps back with trying to get this mess under control. Having physical and moral support from a friend really helps a lot and gives me hope that I will indeed eventually over come this monstrous problem!!

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