Dec 27, 2011

Super Foods

I really enjoyed the TOPS News (magazine put out by TOPS) article on The TOPS Ten Underappreciated SUPER Foods. As well as getting TOPS News in the post, members can also go to the TOPS website, sign in and read this magazine online. Mostly I like to curl up with the paper issue, though there are times when it's good to be able to read it on the computer. I was hoping I could copy/paste this article here for you to read, but no go, and I can't just give the link to the page as you have to sign in to get there... soooo, I will just tell you what the super foods are that they talk about.
- beans
- celery
- garlic
- onion
- peas
- black pepper
- bell pepper (all the colors)
- sunflower seeds
- sesame seeds
- canned tomatoes (I don't know why the specify 'canned'. Why not fresh? Personally, I believe fresh is always more healthy than anything canned, frozen, cooked, processed, etc.)

The article tells different reasons why these are all good for your health; things like antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, protein, help reduce cholesterol levels, help balance blood sugar, cancer fighting properties, etc etc. I eat a lot of beans, especially since I became a Vegan and it's winter time. I make different variations of multi bean soups so not only do I have a quick, easy to reheat meal in the fridge, but it's always very tasty and healthy. Among many other things in the current pot of soup, the super foods in it are: beans (an 18 bean mix of dried beans), celery, onion, black pepper (fresh ground), bell pepper (red and yellow), and a jar of home canned tomatoes that was given to me this fall. I made this huge pot of soup today and ate some this evening. Tomorrow I will put some of it into containers that will go into the freezer as there is just way too much of it for me to eat in the next few days. It will be great to have a bunch of it put away for other winter days.

I will make sure in future that I eat many more of the foods from this TOPS list. Some will go into my next batch of soup... and some will be eaten in other ways.

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