Oct 12, 2012


I can not sing well, nor can I play a musical instrument... unless you include banging on a native style drum.  I sure am grateful that other people not only can sing and play instruments, but that many of them also record their music so the rest of us can enjoy listening to it at our leisure. I don't think I know anyone that doesn't enjoy listening to music. For me, because I live alone with my animals, I mostly can listen without needing to use headphones of any kind. There are times, though, when I am traveling with someone or when I have company and I want to listen to my music while they try to get some sleep, watch television, or just relax in the quiet. For this reason I decided to check out some headphones on the internet and I liked what I saw at Sennheiser studio headphones.  I wonder if these would work in my computer and I think they likely would since computers are an important part of recording things like music.  I think I will do some more research.

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