Oct 27, 2012

Staying Home

Most of the time I tend to be out and about, doing numerous different things with my life. I rarely ever stay home and when I do it's only for 1 day, maybe 2 at the most and then I get stir crazy and have to get out of this house or go crazy!! Now, the last while I want to just stay home. I stayed home last Sunday, had to go to town for an appointment on Monday or would have stayed home. I planned to go to work at the Food Bank on Tuesday or Wednesday yet couldn't bring myself to go out so didn't. Again I had to go out for an appointment on Thursday and to get some pellets for my stove as it was about 55°F in my house since the stove ran out of pellets on Wednesday.  I knew I should go get pellets, yet couldn't bring myself to leave home, so combined reasons I had to go out on Thursday.  Friday I planned to go do some Volunteer work at the Food Bank, and again stayed home.  Today is Saturday and I stayed home all day again even though I had planned to go get some groceries. I have run out of some important staples in my diet: apples, bananas, peanut butter... and I am low on Nutritional Yeast. Maybe I will push myself to go out tomorrow, we'll see.

So, you might be wondering what I have been doing all day at home alone. I have been playing a lot of Spider Solitaire on my computer.  I also have been doing some much needed work in my home and have given away lots of 'stuff'.... freezer burned meat from when I was still eating meat; 3 boxes of quilt batting, 2 of them carded sheep fleece and 1 was a mix of small store bought pieces; 4 huge bags of yarns of various colors and kinds (I can't remember what I got it all for so was time to let it all go); 2 huge bags of material bits and old clothes that I had planned to make into a patchwork quilt and know now it will never happen... all through Freecycle on the internet, and I gave a bunch of recipe books, some drinking glasses, and a couple big bags of women's clothing to a thrift store.  My goal is to purge everything that has been here for years and is not being used.  I have stored this all for way too long and it is time to admit to myself that I won't likely use it, and let it all go.

I also have been surfing the internet, looking at all sorts of different web pages on all sorts of different things... the Desert Bar in the Buckskin Mountains of Arizona because my friend Mike told me about this place.  He plans on going to Arizona in his motor home for 2 months next winter and we have been talking about me going along too. He said we will go check out this bar he heard about out in the desert.  He has been doing lots of research on making this trip.  Mike even would let me take my cat Mewsic with me, though I will have to find someone to critter sit the rest of my animals. I don't know what I will do about leaving my home for 2 months in the winter, but I will figure that out too.  

Speaking of my home, I have never liked my kitchen.  There are so few cupboards and they are so old as well as high. I have to always get up onto something like a stool or ladder to get anything out or put things away.  I have most of my dishes and food in storage cupboard things I bought that stand alone in my kitchen. This kitchen is small and over crowded and even when I had my home clean and uncluttered the kitchen was still not at all to my liking.  I dream about having my entire kitchen redone... new cupboards, new sink, new fridge and stove, stuff like that. I sometimes surf the net and look at different web sites about kitchens.  Today I looked at  RTA kitchen cabinets. Someday my dream will come true and I will have a nicer kitchen, whether it is in this home or another one.  I must admit, though, that my dream to have a better trike does take priority. As long as my health allows me to ride my trike (3 wheeled motorcycle) I will do so all summer long... and I will be taking the one I have to Arizona with me on a trailer behind Mikes motor home next year.

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