Oct 12, 2012


I've had this cute picture in my collection for awhile.  I think I got it in an email from a friend.  I've been waiting for a time to share this either on my Facebook or on one of my blogs.

Now, this evening I'm sitting here watching TV while I blog, eat dinner, talk to a friend on the phone, etc.  I happened to go to the ravensburger puzzle web site and was looking at some of the pictures of puzzles they have there.  I haven't done a puzzle for years now, but used to love doing them and might just decide to do one this winter.  Anyway, look at this photo I found there.

It is the same picture, just without the words someone added somewhere along the line. It is a puzzle to me who had the photo first, and I think it would be interesting and peaceful, calming to put this puzzle together on a cold winters night.


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