May 11, 2009

Dogic Monday

This week, the Manic Monday work is swing.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in dog years though not so long ago in human years, there was a dog who loved to play a bit too much. Being a purebred, registered dog, he had a very long 'breeder' name, Gold 'N Glory Menagerie's Arlington Rudolf Finigan. He just went by ARF for short. His attention span was not so good, so neither was his memory. In fact, damaged computer memory worked better than his. If he went out to play by himself, he furgot how to go back home, he sometimes even furgot to try to go back home. He would just get so involved woof playing and chasing squirels and such that all else disappeared from his mind. One day ARF didn't know where he was and no one came to find him this time, no one at all (or if they did, they didn't find him), so ARF wandered around lost. By night, he either slept where he was or he wandered some more, listening to his empty belly growling more than he himself had ever growled.

ARF was so happy when a man named Frank found him and took him home, fed him and bathed him, giving him a nice new collar. Frank also gave him a new name, Founder, which was okay woof ARF since he had quite furgotten his name anyway.

After awhile, Founder's human dad decided he had to keep Founder with him in order to keep him safe. This made Founder most happy, as it did Frank who had been a lonely man until he found this "dog from God" as he sometime refurred to Founder. When Frank went golfing, so did Founder. When Frank went to the movie, so did Founder. Frank had to stop going into restaurants and start going through the drive thru at McDanald's because they wouldn't let him in woof Founder along. The best and favorite times for both Founder and Frank was in the evenings when they sat together on the back yard swing. Back and forth, back and forth they slowly and gently went as they enjoyed each others company and the evening air, not to mention the ducks playing in the creek that flowed through the yard. At one time in his life, ARF would have gone off chasing those ducks... and furgotten to come back home, now Founder had furgotten he even liked to chase ducks and things. He'd furgotten he ever even had a life before the one woof Frank. He was happy to just be close to Frank, so never bothered to think of anything else.


Nessa said...

Very sweet story.

Anonymous said...

Reba I'm speechless with this. It is so excellent. What a way to spend an evening. I'm so glad Frank found ARF and that they could spend such quality time with each other. Great use of the word swing. Arf Arf !!!

Anonymous said...

Reba...I understand it's Victoria Day or close to it. You have a safe and good weekend and take care of Mama for us...WOOF WOOF!!!

Jamie said...

Lovely story about hooman and puppy love. Frank and Founder should have moved to France. They are so civilized that they expect people to bring their best friends to dinner even when the friends go woof.