May 18, 2009

Sad news :o(

I've got some sad news. 2 of my friends died. They were father and son, still lived together, and would often come to the dog part to play woof me, one at a time. Their mom and mine are friends too, ya see. Steel was that dad and Shadow the son, and they was German Shepherds. Neither one was investment banker jobs smart, but were very dog smart and they was good boys.

I bin lookin fur piktures on Mom's blog so I can show the boys to you, and on my blog. I found some of Steel, but not of Shadow. If I find some of Shadow, I'll let you know later.

Anyway, Steel gots sick cuz he drank water from a puddle that had antifreeze in it. Then one week to the day later, Wendy & Shadow were visiting a friend and their tennant came home and kicked Shadow's ball out into the road, Shadow ran after it and BANG!! A truck hit him and broke him badly, knocked him right out of his body.

I sure will miss my friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh Reba I'm so sorry to hear this. Nalu and I will toss a treat in the park on our walk tomorrow for them. My heart goes out to you. A sad arf arf tonight. Keep thinking positive Reba. Your friends will be taken well care of and you will always have their memory. A fond Aloha to you and mom

quilly said...

Oh that is sad news. I feel sorry for Steel and Shadow's human family. What a doubly hard blow this was!

surplus said...

I am really sorry abot your friends about their demise. May their rest be in peace. God Bless them.

free shout boxes said...

Oh, gush! These are terrible stories that cannot leave me calm. I got tears in my eyes as my Stevy was knocked down about two months ago. I feel so lonely without him and stay at home all the time.