May 24, 2009

Manic Monday

The word for Monday 5/25 is

Many people went away for Memorial weekend, out camping, fishing, boating, and some to different towns and cities to visit family &/or friends. Ellen wished she could have gone away somewhere, yet here she sat, feeling somewhat caged in. She was working from home this weekend, writing a Lipofuze review for the company she worked for. "Well," she told herself, "at least I get to work from home this weekend, rather than having to go in to the office."

She got up from her desk and walked into the kitchen to make herself a peanut butter & jam sandwich, then thought maybe a poached egg on toast would be better, a bit more healthy perhaps even. Either way, a cup of tea would go good with her snack. How she would love to be having a turkey or ham dinner for Memorial day instead, and knew there was no point in wishing for what can't be. To tell the truth, what she really wanted was something hot and sweet.... and that was not on the menu.

"A nap," she thought. "To heck with working just now, and even the food. What I really need is to lay down and nap awhile. I'm sure life will be more exciting and fulfilling when I wake up again." With that, she walked to her bedroom, crawled into the bed, snuggled down beneath the covers, and went off to Dreamland where her lover awaited.

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quilly said...

Poor Ellen. She could come by our house and join the BBQ. Thom and OJM will be here.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I smell the beginning of a continuation to this? Wonderful and Happy Memorial Day to you and Mama