May 31, 2009

Just A Note to You

Hi every people and other critters too. Mom wants me to tell you that she is okay, just feeling a bit burned out with computer stuff. I think she'll get over it soon cuz she so loves to post to her blog and to read what all her friends post too. I think it got overwhelming to try keeping up woof so much wonderful reading woof all the stories everyone has been righting lately, and she has lots of other stuff she's behind on here.

Today Mom had a real good day, though I had to stay home outside in my dog run. She went on a Memorial Ride of motorcycles. She told me she rode woof a friend of our friend Wendy on his Harley trike and she loved it. I asked if we can expect diamond engagement rings anytime soon and she told me definitely not, that it isn't like that. Hey... a dog has to make sure of these things so she doesn't have to share her Mom woof yet another critter.

Mom will post to her blog about this some more real soon... like probly tomorrow. Tonight she's tired. She got up at 6am (at first I thought she must'a peed the bed or was sick cuz my Mom never gets up at 6am... but she was fine and she went out fur breakfast woof a friend before going to meet all the motorcyles and their people. They rode a very long way and it was 8:30 tonight by the time she got home, so she wants to go lay down. Figures. Maybe she'll take me fur a good walk tomorrow, ARF.


quilly said...

Reba, thanks for letting us know that your mom bean is okay! Good dog! [pat, pat]

Anonymous said...

Glad mom is taking a bit of a rest reba. Sometimes we all need that to re-energize

Nessa said...

Glad you are all ok.