May 19, 2009


I don't have a life insurance lead but I do got some doggy leads... Mom used to put my lead, or leash, on me every time we went outside, even if it was just to get inside the truck. She stopped doing that when I settled down some and got good at going to the truck properly woofout running down to the highway. Now Mom is going to start puttin' the lead on me again. She gets upset woof me cuz I likes to run down and see what Len put out in his garbage cuz maybe there's somethin' that would be good fur me to eat. Mom calls me and I ignore her cuz I think sniffing around is more important than coming when I'm called. Now woof Steel drinking poison and Shadow gettin' smucked, Mom is all 'weird' on me and going to 'keep me safe'. Geeezzzzzz. You'd think I was just a puppy the way she acts. Oh well, guess I'll just have to play along woof her, cuz she's the hooman and I'm just a dawg. Bark!


Thom said...

Reba Jane...better to be safe than sorry. I hope you got my response to yesterdays post :) Be a good girl and behave...*reaches down and pets her*

quilly said...

Well, Reba, there's a lesson here. If you came when you were called, the leash still wouldn't likely be an issue.