Mar 14, 2012

Next Blog

At the top of the blog page are different links one can click on. I just decided to click on "Next Blog" as I wanted to open another page in a new tab. The blog that came up is KT DID: Life's Ride As I See It. I haven't taken much time to read yet, but have seen that it is largely about motorcycles. That grabs my attention as I LOVE riding my trike!! (3 wheeled motorcycle).

I again clicked on "Next Blog" to open in a new tab, wanting to save KT DID for later reading. What came up this time? Saul T Nutz Racing, about motorcycles and racing on the Salt Flats of Utah.

Next click brought me to Ottonero.... more motorcycles!!! Another "Next Blog" brought me to Advanced Motorcycle Training, a site from the UK.

Okay... now I know I have to blog about this!!! I'm about to click again and see what the Next Blog will be...

NTU Vespa Club.... yes, another motorcycle blog, this one in Singapore. "Next Blog"...
And there it all came to an end..... the next blog is not about motorcycles... sigh. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!!

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